Amazon Scams

It’s that time of year again where Christmas shopping is in full swing but this year we need to be careful more than ever. It’s getting more and more common for scammers to pretend to be organisations like Amazon, to steal your confidential data. On a personal note, these are the hardest customers we see as they have horrible stories behind the hacking.

The scammers will pretend to be legitimate businesses in order to connect your machine so that they can steal confidential information from you such as your online banking details and personal data.

We want to try to educate our customers as much as possible about the risk of these scams and to always be weary, if you aren’t sure about something, investigate it more before responding. We are here however to support you if you have been the victim of these scams. We can ensure your machine is safe and secure so that it doesn’t happen again as you will be protected.

Please enjoy and safe online shopping experience.