Apple AirTag

Are you always losing your Wallet? Keys? Apple have come up with the solution.

The Apple AirTag is a wireless tracker that has been designed to help you find your belongings. It can be placed in the pocket of your bag or attached to a set of keys or even added to your luggage. You can then stay updated on the location of your items.

If you know you’ve definitely had your wallet in the house… but where? The AirTag can help. As long as you’ve got the AirTag attached to it, it’ll play a sound through the build-in speaker, alerting you of its whereabouts. Follow the sound and you’ve found your item. If its nearby your iPhone can even lead you directly to it with basic instructions like ’20 ft to your right’ (This feature is only available with iPhone 11 upwards)

  • You will need an updated iPhone with at least IOS 14.5 installed.
  • The battery will last around a year but you’ll be notified beforehand allowing you to purchase another.
  • The product has been designed without holes to stop water and dirt blocking it and breaking its components.

You can purchase 1 now for £29 or treat yourself to a pack of £4 for £99 saving you £17. If you purchase now through Apple, they are even offering free contactless delivery and free personal engraving.