How To.. Make your phone live it’s longest life

For this month’s How To Guide we’ve delved into phones. The majority of us use our phone on a  daily basis so looking after them is imperative to keep them functioning at their best. We’ve compiled our top tips for maximising the life expectancy of our devices.

  1. Use a Case- The most obvious but it’s the best protection from a smashed screen/camera
  2. Screen Protector- Glass screen protectors should smash instead of your phone’s glass
  3. Avoid Water- This means taking it to the bath, leaving it by the sink, texting in the rain!
  4. Clean- Use a damp cloth or duster to ensure you remove dust that could build up
  5. Password protect- Use a 6-digit password/fingerprint or face ID to decrease chances of theft
  6. Don’t fully charge- Regular top-ups to 40-80% charge is the optimum for performance
  7. Delete Unused Apps– These take up storage and consume energy which is slowing it down
  8. Use trusted sources-Don’t open links you don’t recognise or download things you don’t trust
  9. Update- To the latest IOS/software as this improves performance and enhances security
  10. Temperature- Keep it cool, don’t leave it near a window, on a car dash or under your pillow
  11. Auto brightness- Keeps your brightness at the correct level so you aren’t draining battery
  12. Auto lock- Locks your phone when you aren’t using it to conserve energy and prevent theft
  13. Turn off WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS- When not in use to stop it searching and draining battery
  14. Swipe to close apps on the homepage- Or else these will still run despite you not using them
  15. Back up regularly- Finally this protects you if anything happens and your data is safe