Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement

Customers who leave their device for diagnostics and/or repairs at Rebooted Tech automatically agree with these terms and conditions.

2. Lock Codes and Passwords

We request that you remove any locks/passwords, or you provide us with the password to your device. This is necessary to enable us to test your device for any faults, therefore, if we do not have access into your device we cannot be held responsible for any faults after our services, as we would have been unable to test your device.

3. Replacement Parts

Rebooted Tech buys only best quality parts (OEM or premium quality if OEM not available) from well known trusted UK suppliers but still cannot guarantee that replacement parts will look or perform exactly the same as original parts (unless stated in quote that replacement part is genuine).

Most of our repairs are covered with 12 months warranty (depending on repair/part type/grade).

Apple refurbished screen replacement for iPhones  – this screen has been removed from original Apple device and been refurbished by professional suppliers in order to give screen a new fresh look . This means that if the screen previously had some scratches or cracks, then the glass has been replaced by the supplier in order to give it fresh look. This type of screen is still a much better choice than aftermarket screens, as it has all genuine Apple LCD and cabling that will outperform and last much longer than aftermarket screens.

Warranty length will be noted on quote or/and invoice, if in doubt always ask.

4. Waterproof Devices

Waterproof devices are no longer waterproof after repair the is complete, although we do our best to seal your phone to be as close as possible to the factory condition.

5. Data Protection

Your personal data is protected under Data Protection Law in UK and Rebooted Tech will not use, copy or sell your personal data to any 3rd party organisation. Rebooted Tech is fully compliant with GDPR and will never breach any regulations. We appreciate you provide us with your device and passcode to access it and we access your device for testing purposes only (to test screen functionality, volume/power buttons, speakers, cameras), your personal messages, emails and pictures will not be viewed or copied under any circumstances as this would breach GDPR regulation.

Very important – please back up your device before bringing it in for a repair as we will not be responsible for any data loss.

6. Payments

Payment can be made by Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank transfer (Bank transfer must be done before collecting device).

7. Customer Collections

Customers have to collect their devices when agreed, if for any reason customer cannot collect device when agreed, it is customer’s responsibility to advice another time and date suitable for both parties. If customer fails to collect device multiple times and fails to pay for repair/diagnostics carried out for longer than 14 days after last agreed collection date, a storage fee of £10 per day is counted and if the final amount of payment exceeds the worth of the item it will be sold to compensate the loss.

8. Unrepairable Devices

If device is diagnosed beyond economical repair and the client is informed, we expect the client to collect his/her device as soon as possible, if device is left without prior agreement for a longer period of time than 14 days, a storage fee of £10 per day is counted and if the final amount of payment exceeds the worth of the item it will be sold to compensate the loss.

9. Other Important Info

Warranty period will be noted in the original quote and/or receipt. If in doubt please always ask.

Warranty repair can take up to 4 weeks (depending on supplier’s stock availability).


Rebooted Tech. Company Registered in England & Wales 10905134, address –  Suite 140, Milton Keynes Business Centre, Foxhunter drive,  Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6GD, United Kingdom.

Warranty Covers:

  • Functionality of actual repaired/replaced parts (e.g. phone screen, charging port, home button, etc.).
  • If a repaired part becomes loose (e.g. screen glass starts lifting from the frame), please report the issue ASAP; in order to avoid further damage to the device and for the warranty to be effective. Please note that the warranty becomes void if discovered the device has been used while faulty.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Any physical damage (e.g. screen cracks, bends, battery or port damage due to use of wrong chargers, etc.).
  • If part stops working after water/liquid damage.
  • Other parts that were not in the original repair.
  • Warranty also becomes void if other repair company attempts to repair the same device (e.g. if you fixed screen with us and later did charging port repair with another company).

An investigation will be carried out for all reported faults to understand whether the repaired part failed due to manufacturers fault or due to misuse/physical damage. Only then we will inform you with findings.