Warning to keep your router out of the sun

Broadband companies have warned customers to keep their wi-fi routers out of direct sunlight. Many people have their routers next to windows which puts them at risk of overheating. By ensuring your device is in a cool, shaded area you are increasing your chances of a strong and reliable connection throughout the hot weather.

If you let your router become too hot, like most other tech devices, it can slow down the efficiency, which will reduce the speed at which you can use your wi-fi or even worse, stop the connection all together. As routers are always on, there is always a current running through it which creates heat, so adding additional heat to it is not advised.

If you find its regularly overheating but is in the shade then this could be a sign that there is an underlying problem and it needs replacing.

Routers should cope with around 40c heat so as long they are kept in the shade, there shouldn’t be an issue. Other things to note with routers are cats shouldn’t use them as a seat (!!)  and they should regularly be cleaned to avoid the build up of dust from clogging the air vent.