Windows 10 to be retired in 2025

Microsoft plan to stop supporting Windows 10 by 2025 and is preparing to unveil a new updated operating system later this month.

Originally Windows 10 was meant to be the final version of the operating system, but from October 2025 there will be no new updates or security fixes. The successor to Windows 10 is said to contain significant updates to the Operating System.

Windows 10 was released in July 2015 as ‘Windows as a service’ where the software was gradually updated at no charge rather than a new system being added every few years.

Cortana was added to compete with Apple’s Siri but it didn’t have the same effect and was retired on mobile on April 2021.

Microsoft is now facing tough competition from Apple and google so needs this operating system to stand out. PC sales still dominate with over 79.4 million shipped last year. Google is gaining popularity however with 11.7 million chrome books, which runs Google Chrome Operating System, were shipped in the same timeframe.

It’s been rumoured then may swap to a name rather than a number for their new the operating system in order to rebrand alongside new features and modernise the brand.